French vibes, bold colours 

Shoot ideas originate in one of two ways:

1. Instant concept download into your brain.


2. A concept with is brought together with a lot of thought and only makes sense when the final images come through. 

This shoot was definitely the second case scenario. My sister’s room has a small bedside table full to the brim with cosmetics. I wanted to see what colours she had and began picking out and mixing the ones I liked. One pile was a pale shimmery baby blue, rose pink and gold toned powders- it reminded me of the French Revolution queen – Marie Antoinette especially as portraited in Sophia Coppolas film.

It’s hard to relate to the last Queen of France. Married at just 15, often portrayed as frivolous, out of touch with her subjects, convicted of incest and treason…it’s no surprise. However, there is no denying her love of colourful and dramatic clothes and I can definitely relate to that.
So that’s the look we went for; 18th century french inspired ,eccentric and theatrical. I chose the earrings as they resembled chandeliers, the word itself originating from the French “chandelle” or candle in the mid 18th century. Ladies in this period of time aimed to look as pale as possible, using white powder liberally to cover marks on their face left behind by smallpox. Little hearts , moons or other shapes were used to cover up marks which were still visible through the powder. Lips were small and shaped like rose – buds and cheeks were highlighted with very bright pink powder. In addition to all this, hair was also powdered, eyebrows plucked off and filled in with mouse hair (wow). We didn’t take things that far this time haha.

Hope you enjoyed this shoot!


4 thoughts on “French vibes, bold colours 

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